Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prayer 291

Place your hands upon us, O God, as we kneel before You; fill us as vessels of God, who is our strength and our protector. Imbue us with Your Spirit, and mark us with Your grace. 

Bless us as we make our way through the joys and obstacles of life day by day and hour by hour. Lift us up so that we may perceive the horizon of hope beyond the obstacles we magnify through our shortsightedness. 

Consecrate us to be a prayerful people who seek to renew our covenant of love with You and each other through faith. Ordain us to do our work as testimony to Your great goodness; inspire us and guide us, that Your song is sung out to all people with joy and thanksgiving. 

Give your healing and reviving touch to those whose needs we place at the gate of Your altar, especially those we now name.

Altar of repose, Chapel

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