Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prayer 284 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we are called to forgive others as much as You forgive us. 

Help us let go of anger and resentment when we have been wronged, and nurture understanding in place of feeding the weeds of rage. Help us to understand that all are wounded and in need of healing, including ourselves. Help us to lower our defenses and not impugn the motives of those we love, and remember they love us. Help us to judge only as harshly as we ourselves wish to be judged, and no more. For You are our loving God, and You forgive us repeatedly when we fail You. Teach us that in bearing grudges we grip a weight that will sink us, and when harboring anger we risk loss in a sea of recrimination. 

Let us embrace those who seek our pardon, and repair mutual injury with the balm of Love that never fails. O Loving One, hear our prayers and grant your benediction and grace to those whose needs we now raise before You.


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