Monday, January 28, 2019

Prayer 2192: Giving As We Have Been Given

Come, Holy One,
shine the light of your truth
into the depths of our hearts,
that we may be cleansed of all fear and anger,
and seek to walk in your integrity.

Lord Jesus, we know your abundant grace and mercy:
let us bear those gifts into the world,
and live out your lovingkindness in all we do.
We abide under the refuge of your wings, O God:
may we ever remember
your seeking us and rescuing us
from the famine in our hearts and souls.
Therefore, let us walk in love:
in kinship with the hurting and the seeking,
in compassion upon the slumbering Earth,
in the sure faith of renewal and hope.
As we have received
from the loving hand of our Savior,
so we ourselves are called to give,
embodying your abundance and compassion.

And now, O Merciful One,
extend the hand of blessing and peace
over all those for whom we pray,
as we ask in Jesus's name.


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