Monday, November 19, 2018

Prayer 2122

Abiding One,
You are our ever-present strength and help,
and we lift our hearts to You in praise and prayer,
worshipping You in gladness.

We give You thanks, O God,
for the blessing of each other,
whether friend or new acquaintaince,
for your surrounding us with companions to help us along our way
and for us to help along their way.
Let us welcome those we meet,
and care for the refugee and stranger in our midst,
just as You, Lord Christ,
show us how to do.
May we extend the hand of fellowship, kinship, and healing,
greeting You in the greeting we afford to each other.

Spirit of God, fill us with wisdom and goodwill,
with charity, faith, and love,
that we may embody the gospel into the world.
Grant your peace and comfort, O Holy One,
to all whose hearts are in your care,
especially those for whom we pray.


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